Purple is an intelligent spaces company which evolved from Purple WiFi.  This cloud-based guest WiFi software solution delivers rich analytics and real time views of your customers.  They are the leaders in real-time analytics and marketing for businesses who want to engage with visitors and understand their use of physical spaces. This lows your business to fully engage and monetize your environment.  Take a minute to look up the you-tube video!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VATT9rNw9Vk

Wifi Services - Marinas and Much more!

Ruckus Wireless, Inc. is a global supplier of advanced wireless systems for the rapidly expanding mobile internet infrastructure and enterprise market. Ruckus is leading the way for the new generation of users by offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor “Smart Wi-Fi” products keeping the world connected for every aspect of life.




     Preferred Communications and Wi-Fi, Inc. specializes in larg area Wi-Fi projects. We currently provide wifi services to multiple marinas in the San Diego area. Our WI-Fi footprints are fully intergrated and cabled to a single point of contact. We hand eveything off to a duel band data backbone for redundency. We only use the best AP's from companies like Ruckus. This allows us to have 24hour monituring and live updates remotley on any issues that might happn. So if you need to set up a an office, Marina or football field we have you covered. For more information please call us. We would be happy to show you a project in action.

 WE KNOW WE HAVE THE BEST WI-FI! We know this because we went to all the locations that  our compeditors provide service for and looked around. In fact we went to just about every marina in San Diego to investigate who was doing Wi-Fi, how they were doing it, and if it was working. We did our homework prior to building out platform.  We spent about 6 months doing this. We talked to employs, as well as boat owners. What we found was almost all the marinas were not providing adequate Wi-Fi. Most of the boat owners gave the service about a “C-” average.   A large part of this is due to what I call, ”Cutting corners”. When you are dealing with Wi-Fi in an outdoor environment you just can’t do that. You will end up with people coming into the office all day and complaining about the Wi-Fi. So we built our platform to be the best and fastest in San Diego. I can guarantee that we have the fastest and most reliable network in San Diego. In fact the techs at Sea World came  to us for advice.  They wanted us to show them how to do it.


We also have more than one platform for you to choose from. Our structure is  flexible. We have a few different ways of handling costs and maintenance. Our goal is to sit down with you  and build a network that fits your needs and wallet.  We might have some ideas you are not interested in. We will definitely have some you like. The only way is for us to sit down with you and listen to what you want to accomplish. Then bring you a custom solution that fits your needs. We do this with the best and most reliable hardware on the market.




Going wireless In your office will allow you the freedom To move faster. Now you can simply grab your laptop And go into a meeting With all your files and internet access.No longer do you need to be stuck in your chair at your desktop. Call us for a free evaluation




Wi-Fi in an outdoor environment is a very tricky beast.There are many things that can interrupt an outdoor wireless network. It is critical that you have a good understanding of how Wi-Fi works outdoors In order to be successful in this type of application. Please call us for a free walk through of your outdoor environment



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