Voice service has changed a lot over the last 16 year. We have been there through all of it. This is why we are the best place for your business to get these services! Preferred Communications can help you decide what system is best for you.  Analog lines , T1, PRI, EOC, Fiber, Hosted VoIP to VoIP. Every business is different and we are here to help you figure it all out. call us today for a free consultation.

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What is VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol.  Think of it this way. Your cell phone is basically A Hosted VoIP handset. When you do things like access your voicemail you're basically telling a card somewhere to play your messages for you. However when you have a mixed up phone call or a dropped call you expect that a little because it's a cell phone. We all tend to put up with it. However if this happened on a big phone call in your office you would be very upset. For that reason it is critical that you talk to a business that understands VoIP and hosted VoIP in order to ensure you get the right system and applications. Ones that runs the way you expected them to. VoIP is not for every business. Although it has gotten much better it is still not perfect. However it is much more functional and flexable that traditional phone system. VoIP will allow you to do things you just can't do on a traditional phone system. We use Hosted VoIP in our office and we love it.


Traditional PBX Systems:

Although traditional phone systems cannot do many of the things a VoIP system can do They still have their place in the business world today. They run on traditional, tested and true, Systems and Applications That have been around for a very long time. To this end, many of the bugs That a newer VoIP system might have have been worked out many years ago.The sound quality tends to be better And thay Tend to not drop calls. However if they do break you still have to call a technician to come out and physically work on it which can be costly. Where is with a VoIP phone They can be worked on remotely from the central office. We think it's very important to have a discussion on the pros and cons of both of these systems before making your decision. We hope that you will call us And we can share our bank of knowledge with you before you do.




Fiber: This is the big Hot thing right now. It is probably the most reliable. They bring the Fiber all the way to the phone room.  It allows you to upgrade the speeds in the future without a lot of work. But, it’s the most expensive because it’s new and the hot thing.


U-Vers: This is a fiber based DSL. The fiber is in the street and they run a connection to your office. They usually use whatever connection you currently have between the office and the street. In your case that is Copper pair wire.  It is a shared network as well. So the speeds are not guaranteed and you are sharing the Fiber in the street with all the other businesses and homes around.


Coax: This is the cable that you sue at home. It’s the same as the cable that goes to the box you get from Cox at home. It works well and you can get good speeds. I believe it is also a shared network out in the street with the other homes and businesses. For this reason I’m not sure they will guarantee the speeds.


T1: This is an older way of delivering data and voice. Almost no one uses it anymore because it has become more expensive than the new EOC, Fiber, and coax.


EOC: This is “Ethernet over Fiber”. The provider uses copper loops. They bond the loops together to create the bandwidth that you need.  It is Cost effective and you can pick you speeds. Before they install the service they test the loops. Sometimes the loops are bad an d the need to replace them before we install. The other thing that can happen is That there is not enough copper pairs from the where the lines come out of the street and into the building (We call that the MPOE), to the phone room upstairs. (We call that the DMARK). Sometimes you need a tech to run a Cat5 cable for you.


  •  Polycom
  •  NEC
  •  Panasonic
  •  Toshiba
  •  Vodavi
  •  Mitel
  •  Avaya
  • Cisco
  •  Telepacific, Birch, Cox, Time Warner, Windstream, XO, Voxox, and more

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