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We Hope to bring the first Free Wi-Fi to San Diego. Our goal is to provide Mission and Pacific Beach with the best possible free Wi-Fi available. Imagen being able to go from your deck, to the beach or Coffee shop while staying on one seamless Wi-Fi. Imagine the ability to use the Wi-Fi do things on the beach you can’t do now.  We want to allow the 45 to 50 thousand residents to use our network. We also want to help the 100’s of thousands of visitors to do the same thing.

We believe we have found a way to make this a reality. Our Fiber to Microwave technology will allow us to build a backbone that the Wi-Fi can be built on. With AP’s deployed strategically we plan on covering the beach and shops with a signal you can count on.


BUSINESSES WANT MORE? OKAY. We also plan on connecting the Local Businesses to thousands of Wi-Fi users in real time. If you are a business in the beach area imagine the ability to connect, in real time, to thousands of people in a 3 to 6 mile area. Then imagine you have the ability to connect to a platform that you can manage in real time. Thus allowing you the ability to pick when and where you want to market to the people close to your business. From a simple text to a web basses commercial, you could have that ability to motivate them off the beach and into your location.


For 16 years, Preferred Communications has been providing a one-stop service for everything phone, voice, and data related. In recent years we have also expanded to Wi-Fi, making information easily accessible to hundreds in one location. We specialize in Wi-Fi for marinas. We do large area Wi-Fi better than Beacon or  any of the others! We are faster, better, and more reliable. We look forward to working with you, and helping you run your office as efficient as possible.


Are you interested in our services? Browse our website to gather further information, and please don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions or inquiries. 


We deliver the best in Wi-Fi. Our large area Wi-Fi usses the best from Ruckus and others to provide 100% up time with speeds no one can match. We believe in doing it right. We cable everything back to a fiber backbone. We Use on site management for support and make it easy for clients to use. So you can watch Netflix and on line game with out issues and buffering. Get unplugged!  




From analog lines to VoIP Preferred Communications has been making business phones ring for 16 years. We have seen it all and we can do it all. Click here to learn more about how we can dial your business in with better phone solutions




Over the years businesses have become more reliant on their Internet needs. Without sufficient bandwidth will your business keep up? Click here to see how I preferred communications can increase your data speed solutions, cloud service solutions, Offsite storage and more. 



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